If you’ve gotten this far into our legal web marketing tips, you probably realize that your law practice website needs a serious overhaul. However, that doesn’t mean you should just delete it all and start over. Sometimes all a website needs is optimization, or using key words and phrases that organize your content and allow clients to find you.

Here are three ways to optimize website content you’ve already written:

  • Identify key phrases. If your main focus is divorce law, you probably have the words “divorce” and “family lawyer” sprinkled throughout your pages. However, these keywords won’t do much good unless you widen them into a more focused search phrase, such as “Houston family law attorney” or “Texas divorce law firm.” Adding a location will point the search engines to your site and allow locals to find you.
  • Focus your content. First, decide which pages you want to keep. Read through them to determine what key message you want readers to take away from your site, and how you can best get that message across. Rewrite your pages as necessary—and don’t forget to add in the special key phrases and include calls-to-action.
  • Lose the rest. It can be hard to delete content after you’ve worked so hard on it, but it is vital that you scrap any pages, paragraphs or articles that are not optimized for client conversion. Customers can easily get bored, bogged down, or confused by disorganized content—especially if it doesn’t answer their questions.

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