While many attorneys understand that lawyer videos can be a successful part of a good legal marketing strategy, they often utilize the wrong approach. Instead of reaching out to clients through education and interesting content, poor attorney videos focus only on the attorneys themselves. This is an expensive misstep on the part of the law firm. When crafted correctly, lawyer videos can be an effective means for connecting with potential clients.


Some of the biggest mistakes made by law firms when attempting to create an attorney video include the following:


  1. Spending too much talking about why you became a lawyer

  2. Shooting the video as a day-in-the-life of the attorney

  3. Stressing how much the lawyer cares about potential clients


These mistakes all fail for the same reason: they focus only on the attorney and not the information that the client is looking for. Potential clients do not care that the attorney went to law school because three of his family members did before him. Nor do they hire a lawyer because they observed the attorney's day to day activities or because the attorney made a general statement about how much he cares about his clients.


Instead, effective lawyer videos seek to educate the client by using interesting content as their first priority. By doing so, they earn the trust of potential clients. When those individuals find themselves in need of legal representation, it is the law firm that they trust and respect that earns their business.


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