Don’t Get Into a Comment War with Your Blogs

In your practice you probably warn clients all the time that they need to watch what they say on public forums, especially with regard to their case. You need to be just as mindful with your legal marketing, especially when responding to blog and social media posts.

Blog entries and social media posts that invite commentary on the topic are opening up a potential flood gate of discussion.
Remember that the only person who can regulate what's said on your blog comments is you (or your webmaster). You may wonder who has the time to post malicious or angry commentary on lawyer blogs. Remember that the Internet is open 24/7, and where there's a will, there's a way.

If you have a reader who likes to provoke nasty discussion on your blog, you can speak with your webmaster to have them blocked or removed. You can also personally delete comments you feel are too controversial or unwelcome. But one of the best strategies is to just avoid starting the controversy in the first place.

When responding to your blog comments you need to remember that you are still representing your practice, even though it feels like you may be engaging in a one-on-one discussion
. It's a public forum where everyone can read what you say, so be mindful of your own reputation. This holds true with all of your legal marketing and my article goes more in depth on the subject. 

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