Don’t Have an Unlimited Advertising Budget? Here is What You Should Do

If you are like the majority of solo and small law firms, you have a very limited budget.  You can’t afford to throw money at “experimental” advertising that may or may not drive clients to your door.  You need to spend your legal marketing budget wisely and maximize your advertising dollars.

In my opinion, one of the most beneficial, and cost effective, marketing avenues out there is Internet marketing.  Keep in mind that Internet marketing is more than just throwing together a 2 to 3 page website that has nice pictures of your office.  Internet marketing is a dynamic and continuous process.  It encompasses a content-rich website and Web video, to name a few of the elements.

Crucial Element #1: Content
The first step to creating a powerful Web marketing campaign that will attract your prospects is to develop an informative website.  Content is one of the most crucial factors of any website, as it is what major search engines use to find you.  Plus, quality content will show your prospects that you know what you are talking about and that you are the expert to turn to.  However, adding content is not a one-time event.  You have to continuously update your website with relevant articles, blogs and so on.

Crucial Element #2: Web Video
Online video has become very popular and people now expect to see it on businesses’ websites.  By incorporating video into your site, you have a better chance of converting Web visitors into actual contacts.  You also give people a chance to get to know you, when using video.

There is more that goes into a successful Internet marketing campaign, which we will be discussing at our "No Smart Lawyer Left Behind" One-Day Rescue Mission in Chicago, Illinois on December 2, 2010.  For more information, visit Great Legal Marketing.  Space is very limited.

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