Don’t Waste Your Legal Marketing Dollars: Create Your Own Tagline!

I hear all the time about these marketing vultures who offer their services to "research, develop and promote" a great tagline for your law firm. Lawyers out there are seriously paying cold hard cash to these people to develop a single sentence about their practice.

Probably the biggest outrage with this phenomenon is the trash that these so-called legal marketing professionals come up with. I'm convinced that their methods are posting a bunch of buzzwords on a bulletin board and throwing darts. "Integrity" must be posted on their board a few times (either that or they have good aim for it) because that's one of the most overused phrases I see in law firm taglines.

Your tagline should NOT be a jumble of buzzwords, and it should NOT be vague either. It needs to say who you are and what you're going to do for your clients, even if it's not bluntly stated. When we decided on the "You May Not Need a Lawyer" tagline for BenGlassLaw, I gathered a few of my office staff and had a brainstorming session.

What are we about? What do we do that other law firms don't? We determined our focus is to create educated clients who can decide if they need to hire me or not, then I know those who do contact me are well informed and definitely need a lawyer. We had our idea, and after playing with words for a bit, running ideas by friends and family, we had our tagline.

Developing a law firm tagline can be tricky. As you develop yours, try to get input and opinions from a few different sources, especially those outside of the legal profession. The more input you get from non-lawyers who could be potential clients, the better. Remember, your clients are usually not lawyers; therefore they're attracted to different advertising methods. Play to your audience, or risk losing those leads. 

Getting Started with Great Legal Marketing

At Great Legal Marketing, we focus on saying NO to ineffective traditional lawyer marketing. We seek out new strategies to market to our ideal clients in ways they'll actually respond to. So, how do you get started? Get a FREE report and CD from legal marketing guru, Ben Glass.

Ben will teach you how to: stop marketing like every other lawyer on the block; grow the kind of practice you can be proud of; and still get home in time for dinner. Contact us today - 703-591-9829.

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