One of the hardest things to do is sell yourself or give yourself a positive review. What would a letter of recommendation for yourself look like? It’s hard to do properly, and can be a deal breaker for online legal marketing or Yellow Pages law firm advertisements.

There are some things to keep in mind when trying to attract potential clients through a successful marketing campaign. Here are some dos and don’ts of pulling in clients through successful headlines:


  • Get their attention. How you do that should fit with the personality of your firm and what kind of clients you’re looking to work with.
  • Get them interested in what you have to say. Start a conversation through the ad that they’ll want to continue by contacting your law firm. Give them a little teaser of who you are and what you offer.
  • Imagine you’re trying to get them to read a newspaper article. Would your headline pull them in or would they move on to the sports page? 


  • Talk about yourself. You can bring up qualifications later, but that’s not what will pull them in.
  • Put your name, your law firm name, or one of your practice areas as the headline. They don’t want to hear about you yet and a practice area isn’t interesting. Give them something they want, like a teaser about information they’re looking for.
  • Make an ad that looks like the others. Cover up the names or law firms of ads in the Yellow Pages and notice that a majority of them are basically interchangeable. Don’t fall into that. 

If you have further questions about what a superior marketing headline should look like, contact an experienced marketing expert who has the answers. Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing has been helping law firms find success through marketing for years, and he can help you. You can also order a free chapter from his book online. 

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