I was thinking the other day about the connections I've been drawing between fundraising and legal marketing. In my article on what fundraising can teach you about legal marketing, I talk about a MADD campaign to help remind drunk drivers of the dangers of their actions. It got me to thinking about how they could run more with this idea and turn it into a fundraiser. 

The campaign was a simple series of posters placed in bathroom stalls in bars. The posters showed the families of victims whose lives were claimed by a drunk driver, along with their story and a message about the dangers of DUI. This hopefully convinced tipsy patrons to sober up, call a cab, or some other alternative to driving home while drunk.

While this was a great method to get their message out-because it appeared where their target audience was most likely to be-there's more that could be done to expand on this concept. Instead of just warning bar patrons about the dangers of DUI, they could give them the opportunity to do something about it.

After seeing the message (which could be further enhanced by playing video clips of the families' stories) they could be given the opportunity to donate loose change to DUI education and prevention programs in a box outside the bathroom.

It's an idea like this that creates new marketing methods! Remember that nearly any marketing strategy can be applied to your own legal marketing methods if you think about it the right way. Don't close your mind off to an idea just because it comes from an unrelated field; you can learn lessons about legal marketing from anywhere!

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