Let’s face it: nobody in your practice knows more about the law than you do. So when it comes time to produce content for your online law firm marketing, it’s only natural that you should be the one behind the keyboard.

But just as you’ve been at the bar a number of years, web marketers have built their businesses since the dawn of the Internet. For your writing to be effective, it’s going to have to be optimized for the online medium—and even if you don’t need a writer, you may consider hiring an editor.

Here are just a few benefits of hiring an editor for your legal articles and blogs:

  • Tone. Where a writer will create your content mostly from scratch, and editor will take your thoughts and ideas and shape them for easy reading by your ideal client—allowing you to keep your own writing tone and style on your site.
  • Maximization. You have no doubt written briefs, position papers, and perhaps even articles for other media before. While these can be dusted off and used again for online marketing, they will likely have to be cut shorter, translated into common language and optimized for search engines before uploading.
  • Control. The best thing about hiring an editor for your legal web content is that you are guaranteed not to present any misinformation on your site. Not only does this give you more credibility, but it will build trust in your clientele when they reference an item on your site and you can recall the piece immediately.

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