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As lawyers, we understand the importance of the Martindale-Hubbell AV rating, and we know that getting into Best Lawyers of America requires more than an application form and a check. Unfortunately, most clients don't understand the importance of these types of legitimate certifications.

To inform your clients of your accolades without looking like you're bragging, you can be straight-forward about it. Accent the actual rating on your lawyer advertising materials, and then footnote it with a brief explanation of what the rating or certification means. For example: 

Ben Glass has received the "AV Peer Review Rating" from Martindale-Hubbell

The AV rating is given only to lawyers who are recognized by their peers for having the highest level of skill and integrity. 

All it took was a short sentence to explain that this rating is only given to a select few who show exemplary conduct. A simple statement like this on your website or "About the Author" page on the back of your book looks much better than a rambling list of former positions, memberships to "pay to join" lawyer pools, and other "credentials" that are meaningless to your client.

Selective advertising of your credentials and certifications is important when developing your lawyer advertising materials. My article on the best lawyer certifications to advertise explains the big 3 you should focus on (if you have them) and what kind of lawyer advertising to avoid.

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