You’ve probably read about why education-based marketing is good—but did you know that it is an especially good idea for attorneys and law firms? We’ve written about the general benefits of education-based marketing. Now we’ll focus on why lawyers should pay special attention.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Legal issues are difficult to understand. When most people need a lawyer, they are unsure of the details of their case and even the laws in their state. Many will look for information about their case or legal need before they actually look for a lawyer.
  • People want an attorney who is an authority. No one wants to hire the second-best lawyer in the area or an attorney who doesn’t have a name in the community. When you provide information on your website (or through your website), readers will see you as an expert.
  • An educated client is a better client. Many attorneys waste significant time explaining legal issues to their clients. Lawyers who provide articles and guides to their clients can save lots of time by allowing the people they work with to learn about their legal issues on their own.

Knowing that you want to embrace educational marketing is just the first step in implementing your new marketing strategy and changing the way you talk to clients and potential clients. We can help you the rest of the way down the path to more success and less stress. To learn exactly how to engage in great legal marketing, contact Ben Glass today by calling 888-791-2150.

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