When was the last time you checked your email? For most people, the answer to that question would imply that email is an effective way to communicate.

However, I want you to consider another question.

When you last checked your email, how many emails did you actually open and read, and how many emails did you delete without even reading? The answer to that question should give you reason to reconsider relying on email as your only direct communication strategy with potential clients.

Email Can Be Effective When it is Used as Part of a Law Firm Marketing Campaign

We are not telling you to abandon all email communication with your prospective clients. Email is undeniably an easy and inexpensive way to communicate. It likely has a place in your attorney marketing strategy. For example, you might consider emailing free materials immediately when a client requests information. You might also consider emailing breaking news or timely information with an exciting subject line that will get your email noticed.

It is repetitive and boring communications that are made exclusively by email that may not be as effective as you want. Think of email as one tool, one way of reaching clients, not the only way.

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