Email and Phone: Time Vampires

How many times have you taken a phone call only to hang up 30 minutes later and realize you really didn't discuss much business? Your ringing phone can be one of the biggest distractions in your office because it's far too easy to lose track of your precious time. Voicemail was invented for a reason, there are few phone calls that you can't put off taking until your designated "phone time".

Email is similar in nature, although the email itself isn't so much the distraction, but the allure of everything else on the Internet. It's way too tempting to follow "Internet breadcrumbs" from an email. You read a message, it mentions something you had been meaning to look up, you go to Google, and suddenly you've lost track of time because one search leads to another.

You need to communicate through these two important channels, but you also need to manage the time you spend on them. Don't completely ignore your phone and email, but make sure to structure time into your daily schedule to tackle them. Then, and only then, should you focus on answering messages and replying to letters, and that's all. Minimize the chit-chat, if a buddy wants to gossip, do it on your leisure time or lunch break, don't waste work time or else you'll end up spending all night trying to finish the work you could have completed by 5.

There are several other strategies that are critical to time management for lawyers that I discuss in my article library. Learn why time is your most valuable asset and why wasting your time during the day on unimportant things can prevent you from enjoying the success of your law firm! 

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