Establish Your Niche by Accident

I created a legal niche for myself almost entirely by chance.

Several years ago, I had a case that dealt with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). At the time, I couldn't find anyone with the expertise with this act to help teach me about it and how it affected the case I was working on. So, I summoned my studying discipline from law school and sat down to read and read and think and think...

Eventually, I amassed all there was to know about ERISA and put it to use in my case. Now, you'd think that I had just wasted a huge amount of effort on something for a single case, but you'd be wrong. Suddenly, I was the ERISA expert in my area. Because I couldn't find anyone else who knew more than I did, I learned it on my own and became the person who other lawyers would now turn to for that information.

I had created a niche for myself as the ERISA lawyer and didn't even realize it.
I easily gained state and national prominence as an expert. Suddenly, all that effort wasn't just for that one case, it was for establishing my niche in the legal world. I later figured out how to make money with this idea of niche practice, but it was only after I had given away my ERISA expertise for so long that the light clicked on.

You don't have to let your niche talents go to waste. My article on niche legal marketing for efficiency can help you market your specialty to help reduce your marketing workload and still effectively promote yourself. 

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