Ethical Lawyer Advertising Doesn’t Need To Be Boring

You shouldn't let the state bar rules on lawyer advertising scare you into vanilla ads and scaling back your legal marketing. In reality, you should look at ethical advertising constraints as a challenge to your creativity. If they're telling you not to do it one way, that's cause for you to find a new way to do things.

I know one lawyer whose state bar prohibits saying you're the "best" or "most successful" at any sort of practice area. He got around this restriction by simply saying in his ads "The state bar won't let me say I'm the best personal injury attorney..." There he was able to work that key phrase of "best personal injury attorney" in his text, but was still following the bar rules.

Of course, if you push the limits too much, you run the risk of provoking your state bar, so you should still be cautious. One of the safest, most effective ways of legal marketing that I've seen is the offering of free information. I've yet to see an ethical argument against offering a free book, guide, or CD because everyone has the ability to create these items and you're not asking for anything from the client except a way to get it to them.

State bar rules and ethical guidelines may seem like a chokehold on your legal marketing, but they don't have to be. My article on marketing ethics and working with bar rules helps explain the basic principles of lawyer advertising restrictions and how to work with them.

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