An effective legal marketing campaign begins once you understand your potential clients. You have to put yourself in their shoes and consider the thoughts and concerns going through their minds. This task shouldn’t be overly difficult. You know what worries your clients have after an accident, when facing divorce or following a criminal accusation. Are these people really going to be motivated by a free legal consultation? Or is there something else you can provide them with that will help you stand out from the crowd of lawyers in your marketplace.

A USP should be incorporated into your lawyer marketing campaign.
A unique selling proposition (USP) is that factor that makes you stand apart from your competition. It tells your prospects why they should contact you versus the law firm down the street. While the USP might not be a new concept for you, what you might not have heard is that a USP can actually be a “thing.” A free consumer guide or report is a great USP. It grabs the attention of your prospects and encourages them to contact you. Isn’t that the whole point of marketing?

Most attorneys try to do too much with their ads in the Yellow Pages and their TV commercials. They attempt to convince their prospects that they need to choose them that very instant. When you market with a USP, you can avoid this common marketing mistake.

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