Facebook is not only an effective legal marketing tool, useful for reaching a broad audience of potential clients, it can also be fun and interactive. Each time someone likes your Facebook page or interacts with the content on the page, a news item will appear in that individual’s newsfeed. As a result, hundreds of potential new clients may see the news item and click over to your page for more information. An excellent way to encourage this interaction is by running a contest. After all, everyone loves a chance to win something!


What kinds of contests can be run using Facebook as part of your law firm marketing strategy?


The goal is to encourage interaction, and the options are endless. Examples include offering some form of “prize” to visitors of the page for:


  • Liking” the law firm Facebook page

  • Commenting on a photo or video

  • Leaving a post on the wall

  • Sending a message to the page


The contest could ask former clients to post a review of the service they received from the firm, ask potential clients to list the top quality they are looking for when hiring an attorney, or ask potential clients to state the top reasons they seek an attorney. Taking a more playful approach, the contest could ask potential clients to post pictures from the community to the wall, or provide a funny caption to a photo or video already on the page. The options are limitless because the point is merely to encourage interaction within your page.


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