People get excited about free offers.  It doesn’t matter if it is a free taste testing of a new beverage or a DVD.  The excitement and draw is still there.

Recently, there was a vendor at Sam’s Club who was selling a line of knives.  On the store’s loudspeaker he announced that he would be giving a free paring knife to anyone who watched his presentation.  People, who seemed completely occupied filling their shopping carts, stopped what they were doing and rushed to watch the demonstration.  They took time out of their day, so that they could get a free paring knife that probably only cost a couple of dollars.

Free offers are hard to resist, which is why you need one to promote to your potential clients.  A free offer could be a book, report, CD or DVD.  The main thing is that it is interesting and has some type of value attached to it.

Once you have your free offer, you need to mention it as often as you can.  It should be prominently displayed on your website, Yellow Pages advertisement and anywhere else you market.  This free offer is what is going to get people to stop their search and contact you.  That means that just about everything you do in terms of marketing should be centered on the offer.

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