Many of the unsuccessful legal marketing attempts I've seen are when lawyers blindly copy the format and language of their fellow marketing failures. They see that Lawyer X is advertising his firm's 100 years of combined practice, and the biggest verdict in the city. Suddenly, that's a challenge: they need to be bigger and better than Lawyer X!

If you blindly copy competitors' legal marketing strategies you run the risk of trying to emulate credentials you just don't have. When lawyers new to the legal marketing game see that their competition is spouting these grand claims, they feel that they have to step up to the plate with their own taglines of amazement.

Experience isn't measured in years,
I've known plenty of lawyers who have had 30+ years of experience and never tried a case to verdict. Would you rather have a lawyer with 30 years experience and 5 cases to trial, or a lawyer with 5 years experience and 30 cases to trial?

There's no rule saying you must state on all your advertisements how many years you've been in practice.
One of the most annoying claims I see on ads is the "combined experience" tagline. 100 years sounds impressive, but what if it were 100 lawyers in the firm all with 1 year of experience? If you don't feel comfortable about advertising your years of experience, highlight your actual case experience.

If you can't prove a claim, it has no business being a statement in your legal marketing. In my article on being truthful in your lawyer advertising, I touch on some examples of where legal marketing went horribly wrong because of misleading information and unethical claims. 

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