Exploring Media Types for Your Lawyer Marketing Campaign

There's a vast expanse of marketing media types out there for you to take advantage of. I've been stressing a multi-media plan for your lawyer marketing campaign, but there's a difference between a well-balanced "multi-" and an oversaturated "multi-."

Here's a (very) short list of
marketing media options: 

  • Facebook;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Twitter;
  • YouTube;
  • and the list goes on... 

For every Facebook, there's 20 other "social networking" sites out there that do the same basic stuff. Don't make the mistake of feeling that you have to get a profile on EVERY social networking site, because you're going to spread your lawyer marketing campaign efforts too thin. Instead, pick the one or two popular marketing media types that you're most comfortable with.

Don't work with a marketing media you don't understand
. If you don't know a thing about YouTube, don't use it or you'll come across as someone grasping at the coattails of the new media trend.

Instead, take the time to research and learn what works for YouTube, and if need be, find someone who already knows and get them to help you. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and try new marketing media strategies, but don't try anything you're not ready to take all the way to success.

Running a constant lawyer marketing campaign with a few solid marketing media types is the key to getting your ideal clients. There's plenty more to be said about multi-media strategies in my article on following up with successful marketing campaigns

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