What exactly is it about video marketing that gets through to us where text cannot? The truth is there is no faster or simpler way to connect with potential clients than speaking to them directly.

Short of an in-person interview, video is the best way to convey yourself through your website on that urgent, person-to-person level that will differentiate you from all the other law firms vying for a client’s business. 

Done correctly, attorney website streaming video allows you greater access to potential clients, too. They can get a sense of you with just a click. There is virtually no further commitment or additional resource investment for the viewer, and they can watch the video outside of business hours.

In a website attorney video, you can give viewers a stronger sense of your legal style and personal energy. You’ve cultivated a specific air of confidence and professionalism, and video allows you to convey that much more directly than text. Viewers will, in the course of watching your videos, become familiar with you, your voice and your mannerisms.

If you’ve also managed to give them information they find useful, that viewer will be much more likely to reach out to your firm than any of the faceless others.

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