Famous Lawyers: Boon or Bust?

I've talked before about becoming a celebrity-a legal guru among the community-as a great legal marketing strategy. While a small-town celebrity can be a good status to have, there's some question over whether big-time celebrity lawyers (real or not) are helpful to our reputation.

There's 3 kinds of so-called "celebrity lawyers" - fake comedic lawyers, fake dramatic lawyers, and real spotlight lawyers.

Fake comedic lawyers:
Lionel Hutz from The Simpsons, Marshall Ericksen from How I Met Your Mother, and Mitchell Pritchett from Modern Family are all current examples of fictional lawyers who serve to give a humorous look at the legal world. While some characters, like Hutz, perpetuate the sleazy, ambulance-chaser stereotype, others like Pritchett and Ericksen show family men and the public service side of the profession.

Fake dramatic lawyers:
The cast of Boston Legal, Jack McCoy from Law and Order, and Perry Mason of the late '50s TV series are all dramatic fictional lawyers. While they may have their quirks, they still portray a more straight-laced, hardened lawyer that's more apt to represent the 80-hour-week type of attorney.

Real spotlight lawyers:
These are the lawyers that make actual local, regional and national news for their involvement in high-profile cases. Some have stories that attain such fame as to garner movies about their lives. Others have found place in pop culture such as Johnnie Cochran. The effect on lawyer stereotypes is mixed with these lawyers - some are seen as heroes, others as villains.

The portrayal of lawyers in media can be a good and a bad thing.
On one hand, it can show the more human side of the legal world, but more often it exaggerates the less glamorous parts. We need to rebuild the reputation and trust of lawyers in the community through ethical and interesting legal marketing. My article talks about the importance of this strategy and how you can best work on your own community presence. 

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