I've been asked: "Ben, how do you create so much content? I see new stuff from you every day." Between my law firm, Great Legal Marketing, and my other writing commitments, I am always publishing something new. In fact, I spend at least one day a week away from my law firm just to write. I also have a fantastic team who create content for my prints materials and my websites. Like me, they are always working on something new.

The fastest way to create content for your law firm.But it wasn't always this way.

In the "good old days," I was the only person making content for my law firm. Growing my SEO ranking meant I had to make something new for my websites every week. Fitting that much writing in my schedule was difficult until I learned once simple trick that drastically increased my content output.

I pulled out my video camera and started talking about what I knew or about a question that someone asked me that day. At first, I bought a simple phone holder, so my videos looked somewhat polished. Eventually, I built a video studio in our office, and they aren't that hard to do.

You can do the same, starting small and building up your video quality. I recommend hiring a young, tech-savvy person to help edit your videos eventually, but they don't need to be production quality.

Here is the real trick: once you create the video, send it off to get transcribed. Now, you have raw material that your team can repurpose into blogs, website articles, letters to the editor and your own mailed (monthly) newsletter. Essentially, you are doubling your content output by creating a video and written content at once.

Once you get comfortable with this process, you can build this into a system. Have your associates and paralegals do the same. If your law firm creates one video per week, after a month you will have eight new pieces of content you can post on your website, share on social media, and upload to YouTube. Creating content at that pace can have a fantastic impact on your SEO, and will make a great impression on new clients.

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