Most lawyers find the practice area at their firm they want to highlight with an accessible, up-to-date and informative blog to have one of two problems finding new subject matter: 
  • There isn’t enough new information. The practice area isn’t frequently in the headlines, and most of the discussion in the field is too obscure for a layperson to make a connection; or 
  • There’s way too much new information. These issues are always in the news. Readers might be tired of hearing about them. Talking about that same topic that same way won’t even register on a potential client’s radar.

Through persistence, you can find engaging content in both of these situations. Start the way one of your clients would: by typing search strings into a well-known search engine. 

You may find at first that your search strings turn up many more results than could possibly be useful. Try adding location-specific keywords and specialized language. Many search engines have features that will allow you to narrow results down by time frame, region and article type.

You may find that your search strings are too specific and you don’t turn up anything relevant at all. In this case, try widening your search with more general terms, or terms that seem loosely related to the practice area.

You may find that searching for topics this way helps you later in developing effective targeted key phrases for your website.

Especially if regular news on a topic seems scant, you may want to use a service like Google Alerts to send you regular notifications of the latest articles using certain search terms.

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