Finding Legal Marketing Inspiration Wherever You Go

There's probably a notebook or pad of paper in every room of my house and office. Why? Because inspiration can strike anywhere. Life is so full of experiences that there's barely a time when something noteworthy isn't happening. We learn a lot from the world around us, but we're not always aware of the lesson or idea at the time. So we write things down, and refer to them later.

That's my general practice when I'm working on my legal marketing. Look around you for new ideas and inspirations; draw from other businesses, and analyze the marketing we see on a daily basis. Today's society is brimming with advertising no matter where we go, so why not take notes on what you're seeing?

Are those bus bench ads ugly and ineffective? Is everyone tagging their ads with "follow us on Twitter" or "find us on Facebook"? Do you see a new opportunity to create a cross-promotion with another local venue? Look around and remember that your clients frequent many of the same places you do, and they act in much the same manner. If you see something that piques your interest, chances are your clients would notice it too.

One of the big parts of legal marketing is being innovative and creative with your new ideas and ventures. Successful attorneys know that inspiration comes from everywhere, especially in legal marketing

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