All writers who churn out content on a daily basis—journalists, editorial writers, and bloggers—face the same dilemma: what should I write about today?

Even for people who find the act of writing fairly painless, coming up with an idea can be an excruciating process, especially on days when inspiration is lacking and the headlines are dull. And if you're a busy lawyer updating the lawyer marketing blog on your practice's website, you simply don't have the time to sit with your head in your hands, drinking coffee and wracking your brains for something to write about!

Fortunately, there's a way to make this process less taxing. There are literally dozens of services out there that, for free, will email you a batch of news items keyed to a specific search phrase. If you specialize in torts resulting from car accidents, for example, you can sign up for two or three services, enter the search string “car accidents,” and sit back as clickable headlines are sent your way. In the morning (or whenever you write your blog) you can scan through these emails, click on likely items, quickly read the story or blog post attached, and then write your own blog commenting on that news item. You've saved yourself half an hour of clicking around blindly on the web, which is time you can devote to billable clients rather than to your website.

Even better, by using these news-feed services as inspiration, you'll make sure that your own blog is timely and current, and you're not riffing on news stories that happened weeks or months ago. This will help your placement in Google search, and thus make you more visible to potential clients.

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