When starting or growing a law practice, it sounds counterintuitive to suggest turning down work. However, by finding a legal niche and adhering to it, your practice may run more efficiently and generate more income over time. Applying this strategy to a legal marketing campaign can make your attorney advertising more effective.
If you are wondering how focusing on a legal niche can improve your practice, consider the following points:
  • In most law practices, 80% of the firm’s revenue can be directly attributed to 20% of its clients. Why continue wasting time and resources elsewhere?
  • Becoming an expert in your field earns trust and respect. As a result, clients seek you out rather than you seeking clients. It is nearly impossible to become an expert in one niche area of the law while simultaneously balancing casework in a variety of other areas.
  • Focusing on one legal niche allows you to provide superior service to your clients. This focus allows you to stay on top of recent case law, changes in the law, and trends in the area.
  • Focusing on the legal niche that you enjoy servicing the most will bring a greater sense of overall job satisfaction. Remove the stressful cases and the clients who argue about fees, and focus on the cases and the clients that you truly enjoy.
Once you have chosen your legal niche, it is important to adjust your legal marketing strategy accordingly. Focus your educational and information materials on the niche area of the law that you practice in. Target your marketing to the exact client group that you wish to attract.
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