Some experts will say anything, thinking that their bad medicine will never see the light of day.

Hat's off to Michigan personal injury attorney Stephen Gursten for helping to shine some sunlight into what certainly appears to be false testimony by a physician hired by an insurance company to perform a so-called "independent medical examination" on one of Gursten's clients.

The exam itself was recorded. Later, when the doctor (psychiatrist Rosalind Griffin) was deposed, that too, was recorded.

When Gursten caught Griffin, he posted both the recording of the exam and the video-recorded deposition and asked the public to judge whether the doctor had committed perjury.

Rosalind Griffin didn't like that so she filed an extensive bar complaint, asking the Gursten be ordered to take the post about Dr. Griffin down. (Griffin also sits on the lawyer disciplinary board herself!)

Fortunately Gursten did not back down. He hired a lawyer, spent a bunch of money and time, and defended his right to publish the video and blog post.

Recently, the Lawyer Disciplinary Board in Michigan told Dr. Griffin to go pound sand (and perhaps study up a bit on the First Amendment.) The letter to Dr. Griffin from the Bar is here.

Of course, her name, the allegations and the "Rosalind Griffin video" have now gone viral. 

YouTube was invented, in part, so that lying medical experts could be exposed. We jest - but just a bit.

From a marketing standpoint, Gursten has just demonstrated to his clients and potential clients that he is a force to be reckoned with in Michigan.

As to Rosalind Griffin, she may have just complained her way out of ever getting another call from an insurance company to do IME work. In our view, what Gursten has exposed is devastating to her credibilty, and its all self-inflicted.

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