By now you know that when you write legal marketing content for your attorney website, you will need to include keywords and keyword phrases to make your content more efficient and effective. When producing your online marketing copy, there are five critical keyword mistakes you will want to avoid including:

  1. Not researching your keywords. By not determining and using the right keywords and keyword phrases, a potential client may not find your site. You need to conduct a proper keyword search in order to generate favorable search results that may turn a website visitor into a prospective client.
  2. Not testing your keywords out. If you don’t test your keywords out, you won’t know if they are viable. It is important to test your list of keyword and key phrase possibilities out to find what type of results they generate. Note: Google’s AdWords tool is helpful in estimating your potential keyword traffic.
  3. Overstuffing keywords. If you are using too many keywords and key phrases, Google will give your site a lower ranking in search results, and clients will not like reading your website. Website visitors know when you are writing for search engines, and you will lose their respect if you overload your text with keywords. In order to avoid this, use approximately two keywords or phrases per 250 words of text.
  4. Repeating the same keywords. By using the same keywords and phrases over and over again, you are not doing yourself any favors. The search engines don’t like this practice, and clients may get a poor impression of your firm.
  5. Not asking your clients what keywords they searched for. After you are working with a client, ask him or her how they found you, and what key phrases he or she searched for when looking for your services.

Learning about these mistakes can help you avoid making them and turn more website visitors into clients. For more information about attorney web marketing, contact Great Legal Marketing at 703-591-9829 today. For other tips on law firm marketing strategies, browse our website and download your free preview chapter of Ben Glass’s revolutionary Great Legal Marketing book.

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