Florida Advertising Rules - The Angst Heard Round the Country

The Supreme Court of Florida has done it again. Completely trashing the old Florida advertising rules in favor of a complete re-write. I think they average a new re-write about every 30 months. They've even gone so far as to completely renumber the rules so that as expected litigation ensues, everyone can keep straight the old rules from the new!

While I'll leave a more complete analysis for my GLM members in an upcoming monthly newsletter I'll just point out one teeny weeny portion of the rules that are bound to make things much "clearer":

...a dramatization of an insurance adjuster persuading an accident victim to sign a settlement is unduly manipulative, because it is likely to convince a viewer to hire the advertiser solely on the basis of the manipulative advertisement...

In other words.. what we say is true because we say it's true!

Good luck Florida!

Ben Glass
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You have to wonder who was sitting on the committee that determined that was "unduly manipulative".
by Barry Doyle February 10, 2013 at 12:48 AM
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