Today’s society is all about the “experience.” Why do you think establishments, such as Starbucks, have been so successful? In years past, it was hard to imagine spending nearly $5.00 on coffee when you could drop by the gas station and pick up a cheap cup of Joe. Consumers these days want the experience and that is what Starbucks and other companies have been able to provide.

A recent article appeared in the New York Times that was all about Denny’s. The article, “Yes, the Diners Open. How About a Seat at the Counter,” discussed Denny’s transition from marketing itself as a family restaurant to the “good ol’ diner.”

Denny’s has been around for 58 years. The restaurant chain spent most of that time referring to the establishments as family restaurants. Things have changed. In a recent series of commercials, Denny’s has ditched that tactic and is now representing their restaurants as diners.

According to Frances Allen, chief marketing officer of Denny’s, “people think of the brand as a diner, with great comfort food at a great price, and they feel that incredible warmth and incredible connection to the servers. There’s a soul to a diner that is very authentic, very warm, very accepting.”

Focus Your Legal Marketing on the Experience

Your potential clients need to know what type of experience they will have when working with your law firm. Therefore, every legal marketing piece that you create should be focused on them, not you. You can learn more about how to implement this marketing concept by reading the blog entry, How You Approach Legal Marketing Makes All the Difference.

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