Think there is no such thing as negative keywords? Think again!

Certain keywords can truly damage a legal marketing campaign. Unfortunately, attorneys new to law firm web marketing may not realize the importance of negative keywords. Controlling negative keywords prevents ads from showing where the lawyer does not want them, potentially saving the law firm money.

Specifying negative keywords helps your attorney marketing because Google and other search engines prevent your legal advertisements from showing when those words are searched. What are some examples of negative keywords to have in your accounts?
  • Joke
  • Job description
  • Bad
  • Pictures
  • Salary

These are negative keywords because they may show your advertisements when an individual conducts a search such as “attorney jokes” or “legal salary.” Clearly, if someone conducting a search including these words were to find your ad and contact your firm, this would be a very poor-quality lead. Therefore, negative keywords save the attorney both time and money by producing more targeted visits to your website and to other online content.

Despite the benefits of negative keywords, they should be used with some caution. Creating too broad of a list of negative keywords can greatly limit your advertising audience. Therefore, the words should be chosen carefully. The AdWords Keyword Tool is a free resource for helping to find potential negative keywords.

Clearly, negative keywords are a useful aspect to a pay per click legal advertising campaign. For more information, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing by filling out our online form or calling 703-591-9829.
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