If you’re from a time when the only way to speak to someone was to pick up the phone, you’re probably wondering when the social media hype is going to die down. After all, compared with the actual human interaction of a conversation, social media stinks.

Maybe it does. But you have to use it anyway.

Here’s why: your law firm’s online customers adore social media. They’re on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and any other sharing site that allows them to interact with the businesses and people they like. They key to converting these readers into clients is not merely using social media; it’s using it effectively.

Consider these four common misconceptions about social media:

  1. Facebook was not designed as a marketing tool. False. Clearly its own marketing was spot-on, since it’s become addictive for most of its users.
  2. Any businesses that use social media are clearly grubbing for attention. True—and they’re getting it. Just like people who update their Facebook statuses every day, businesses that update their followers are going to get a higher level of interaction (and name-recognition) than those who don’t.
  3. “Likes” are unimportant. Nobody "likes" the law firm they hire. Hopefully false. A “like” is a recommendation for your business. If none of your past clients likes your firm, your problem is more social than social media.
  4. My clients don’t use social media. False (even if it’s true). Even if your client may not be on Facebook, his daughter, brother, or co-worker probably is. In short, you must market to anyone with the potential to connect you with your ideal client.

Still not convinced? Here’s the number one reason your firm needs to be connected to social media: because every one of your competitors is doing it.

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