Everyone has good days and bad days. One minute, you’re on top of the world and your phone is ringing off the hook—but then just as quickly you’re staring at an empty Rolodex. If the bad days pile up into bad weeks, you may feel bitter and abandoned, wondering who is to blame for “ruining” your practice.

It’s easy to assign blame for a failing business to someone else. For years, Ben Glass has heard lawyers blame for their own lack of success on a number of different people, including:

1.      Other lawyers. No matter where you live, there will always be attorneys who are doing better than you. Forget about them. Your personal success is more about the choices you make than what others do.

2.      Insurance companies. If you’re the CEO of an insurance company, it’s your job to maximize profit. If you’re an attorney, it is your job to get fair compensation for your client. Blaming each other for the jobs you chose is much less effective than accepting your roles and working inside them.

3.      Your clients. If you’re not using the best legal advertising to attract your ideal clients, you only have yourself to blame.

4.      YOU! Okay, you’ve got a few problems, and you’ve realized that it’s no good blaming other people. Now you need to stop blaming yourself: it’s time to take stock and fix the problem instead of complaining about it.

The bottom line is that successful entrepreneurs don’t make excuses. They accept reality and use the information they have to make the best decisions they can. When a new opportunity comes along, they grab it. When something doesn’t work, they change it—fast.

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