Legal marketing can often be intimidating because how much it affects the future prospects of a law firm.

Some people nit-pick every word they put in an ad, or spend hours debating the right font for their business card. Some marketing “strategies” involve just spending millions getting a face on a billboard or plastering the Internet with ads. While the perfect font and a thousand billboards might catch a little extra attention, there are easier, more affordable, and, most importantly, more effective means of increasing your law firm’s visibility.

Four proven techniques

Here are four ways to increase the presence of your law firm:

  • Write a book. Great Legal Marketing has expressed this sentiment before, and will again, but providing a free book, informational pamphlet, or DVD online can pull in extra potential clients just with a few hours of time and a few production dollars. DVDs are cheap to ship, and an electronic book can be delivered through email. You become recognized as an expert in the practice area and people will know you’re generous with your information. After that, you’re also awarded with the future client’s contact information!
  • Write online content. Not everyone is going to order a book or DVD online, even if they really want that information and need a lawyer in that practice area. Online content such as blogs, library articles, and frequently asked questions can provide an insight to the topic, but also show that it will be hard for potential clients to move forward without the additional information that you possess and can share with them.
  • Go out and meet real people. Networking is so specific to online interactions now that people will be pleasantly surprised by almost any face-to-face contact, especially informational, non-threatening interactions that don’t have any requirements. Swing by someone’s office or take a past or potential client out for coffee or lunch. People appreciate that and your investments will pay off in the long run.
  • Get involved in social media. Face-to-face is great and should never be ignored, but maintaining a presence as a legal expert in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others will keep you fresh in the minds of people who are active on the Internet.

These four steps can greatly increase your visibility as a lawyer and can pull in a slew of potential clients in the long run or short run. A multi-faceted law firm marketing campaign is more effective than a one-prong attack and will help your company succeed.

For more information on successful law firm marketing, contact the experienced staff of Great Legal Marketing at 888-791-2150. They have helped many lawyers take the next step to success, and could help your firm too. You can also order a free chapter from Ben Glass’s book on legal marketing.

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