Four Ways to Keep Newsletter Content Flowing—Without Lifting a Finger

You’ve written dozens of articles and blog posts for your website, and traffic has definitely gone up as a result. But now you’re feeling a serious case of writer’s block. You’ve covered just about every legal topic you can think of—and now you’re staring down another newsletter. What can you do?

Luckily, our web marketing gurus never run out of great legal newsletter ideas. Here are few ways to keep your content rolling out even after your well has run dry:

  • Submissions. Can’t face another blank page? There may be another local business owner (or two) who would be thrilled to submit articles to your newsletter. If there’s someone in your community you’d love to interview, ask them if they wouldn’t mind being highlighted in your next issue. A phone interview would take minimal time for both of you, and it would give you both a boost in the press.
  • Ghostwriters. Lots of attorneys hire writers to update their content, whether it’s newsletters, blog posts or online articles. Many of them are also trained in search engine optimization, giving you a better bang for your advertising bucks.
  • Recycle. Nearly everything you write can be rewritten, reused, or repurposed. A great blog post might be of use in an article for your local newspaper, and a hotly contested court case could be sent in as a letter to an editor.
  • Syndication. It’s worth submitting the articles you write to Internet syndication sites (such as These sites increase your readership while earning you valuable backlinks, and many offer a place to store the articles so you can reuse ideas in the future.

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Ben Glass
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