If you’re still wondering whether an automated marketing system will work for your firm, you only need to remember the cardinal rule of advertising: people will buy when they are ready to buy. Your free report will go a long way toward convincing a customer to hire you, but without utilizing her contact information, you’re putting the decision entirely in her hands.

Here is why customer-to-client conversion takes both automation and a free offer:

  • Your customer is doing research on what to do after a car accident. After she finds dozens of attorney sites that say, “Call now!” and use scare tactics to threaten her into hiring their firm, she’s tempted to give up.
  • Now, she sees your website. There are no threats or scary photos, just a ton of information that she doesn’t even need to hire you to get. You’re already shining by comparison!
  • The customer sees a free report on your website entitled, “Five Ways to Protect Your Injury Case Without Hiring an Attorney.” It’s a guarantee of more information that she gets without making a commitment. She orders the report and it is delivered to her instantly.
  • The prospect now has a great perception of your firm, and you have the means to market to her. In this stage, you continue to send personalized letters, emails, and newsletters, staying in constant contact with her until she is ready to hire you.

If you’re fishing for your perfect client, the free guide is the hook and the automated marketing is the line that draws her in. If done correctly, your client will be brought in so gradually that she doesn’t realize you’re pulling the strings.

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