Have you noticed that some legal websites offer free information, free books, free DVDs, even free seminars? These freebies are a great lawyer marketing tool, and not just because everyone loves a free offer. Providing free information is a great way to build trust.

What do we mean by information? We don't mean information about you. Your qualifications are great, but that's not the information that potential clients are looking for. Potential clients are looking for information about their problems. A stay-at-home mom considering divorce may not immediately Google divorce attorneys; instead she will ask, "Can I afford to get divorced?" If she finds an article with the same title, she'll read it. Then she'll browse around your site and if there's more relevant information, she'll read that, or she'll bookmark it and come back.

Using an educational model for your legal marketing shows your expertise and your interest in helping clients solve their problems. You can provide information with:

  • A web library

  • A blog

  • A web video

  • Informational pamphlets

  • Books

  • DVDs

  • Newsletters

  • Seminars

Once you've created this information, take it beyond your website. Post your video on YouTube. Give copies of your book to local therapists, chiropractors, counselors, and anyone who might be providing a service to your client base. Call them and ask if you can use them as resources. Then offer to give your book to potential clients.

To learn more about building trust with lawyer marketing, read our article, "Building Trust Through Legal Marketing: Why Trust Is Important"

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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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