You can learn a lot from the non-law businesses around you when it comes to creating lifelong clients. Take resort hotels, for example. Some families go to the same resort every year for the same experience. Why? Because the resort gives them the service that makes them think that they are the only client in the hotel.

Long-standing customers of these resorts are more apt to tell their friends and family about this great vacation spot they go to every year. This is the kind of client response you want to solicit from your own fans. If you work on establishing a great relationship from day 1, before they're even a client and just a potential client, you can foster a lifelong relationship.

When someone has a great experience with a venue, product or service they're likely to tell others
. That's why it's especially important to cultivate your relationship with your clients at every stage of your interactions. While you need to hook them early on with quick, hard-hitting tactics, later, after they're an established client, you can tone things down.

The best compliment a client can give you is telling others about their great experience with your law firm.
If you continuously make them feel appreciated throughout the duration of your service, they'll return the favor later by keeping you in mind as the greatest lawyer they ever had.

I've identified 6 stages to hooking, engaging, and keeping a client as part of your satisfied client entourage. My article explains more on the 6 stages of your legal marketing message and how it gets people from potential client to raving fan.  

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