Gathering and Developing Your Ideas

Just how legal marketing inspiration can come from anywhere, you can get ideas for improving your legal business and legal marketing from anywhere. When I'm at Great Legal Marketing conferences, Jumpstart Conferences, and mastermind groups, I'm normally the one speaking. But as any teacher will tell you, we never stop learning, and even they learn a thing or two from their students.

One of the great features of most of these kinds of legal marketing gatherings is the roundtable discussions. In these meetings the information flows freely, and even a seasoned legal marketing guru such as myself comes out with a dozen or so new ideas to implement that I learned from other professionals.

The ideas don't stop when we step outside of the meeting room, either. Many of my favorite ideas were developed during chats in the break rooms, over dinners, and during travel downtime. It's actually my travel time where I really look over and develop a lot of my ideas. My flight to China last year to pick up my new daughter and son was right after a Great Legal Marketing conference. Instead of indulging in the in-flight movie, I grabbed my notes and started absorbing all the great ideas.

Absorbing the information from your notes and ideas is just one step of my process for dealing with being overwhelmed with great ideas. You also need to look at the priorities you want to place on these ideas for how they'll help your legal business. Then once you've got it all neat and tidy, it's time to set a real plan of action. 

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