Get an Endless Flow of Cases

For years, savvy business owners have recognized that the way to get new business is to have multiple avenues for prospects to contact them.  They know that once they have these valuable contacts, that they must initiate their multi-step multimedia marketing campaigns.

Some attorneys are also starting to get it.  These are the lawyers who have taken control of their practice and are getting an endless flow of cases.

“Contact Us” Doesn’t Cut It

Many lawyers believe that if they have a website with a “contact us” button or an ad that says to call for a free consultation, that they have done enough. Their job as marketers is done.  They have put together an ad and have told prospects to contact them.  What else could there be?

You need to create more than one way for prospects to contact you.  While there will be those who do fill out your contact form or pick up the phone and call, there is also a large group who will hesitate.  You need to market to this group too.

A free book or report can be used as an incentive for someone to initiate the conversation with your law firm.  It is another method where a prospect can get into your marketing system.  Once someone takes you up on your free offer, guess what? You put this person into your marketing funnel and follow up with consistent communication.  When the time comes for your prospect to hire a lawyer, you will be at the forefront of his or her mind.

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