You’ve chosen a station for your law firm’s radio ad, and you’ve read over the copy hundreds of times. Now you’re ready to go into the studio and start recording for the public. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when your ad is finally on the airwaves—after all, there’ll be nothing left to think about, right?

Not so fast! Here are just a few innovative legal marketing ideas that can add a bump to your radio campaign:

  • Check your schedule. Your schedule should be optimized for your ideal client, but take a last look to see if there are external factors that could affect the number of potential cases coming in. If there is a season or month that your clients are more likely to seek you out, sprinkle a few more ads into your schedule during those times.
  • Ask about special programming. Stations often have community features, call-in shows, or local live events that might be relevant to your practice. These events are usually tied to the station’s website, giving you even more exposure if you participate in or sponsor one of them.
  • Be open to charities. Donating your time can be more effective than donating your money. The station may be involved with local charities or funding drives that could benefit from your expertise—all while building your name in the community.

After you hear your radio ads a few times and you’ve felt that swell of pride, your marketing journey still isn’t over. Unless you track your return on investment, you’re bound to waste money on campaigns that don’t work—so it is vital that you have the numbers to back your marketing decisions.

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