Get Your Friends to Write Your Legal Marketing Materials With You

When you can secure an "expert opinion" it always adds some clout to your argument. The same holds true for your legal marketing materials, if you co-author a book or guide with another professional who is related to your practice area, suddenly it has double the impact than just a legal expert guide.

Many books tout their authenticity and value by plastering "with a forward by" or "written with expert so-and-so" on the covers. This catches the browsing shopper's attention and gives the book more credibility. Clients love to see they're paying one price for multiple trusted opinions on their legal matters.

If you co-author a book with another professional, they're going to give that book to their clients as well.
This gets your name in the hands of all their clients. You've doubled your legal marketing list with little effort!

The more you can expand your fan base, the better.
And by releasing books or guides that involve other professionals, you know that the materials will be distributed to a whole new fan base. Even if it's at a doctor's office, your clients never know when they'll need the name of a trusted lawyer.

You can benefit a lot by using your professional networking connections to get your name out to unexpected marketing places. My article covers how you can use the status of other successful professionals to boost your own reputation and not feel guilty about it. 

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