Think about how you look for information on a new topic. People usually start by surveying the kind of content that’s available: skimming headlines, front pages, first lines.

The same principle applies in creating your online law firm marketing pitches. It’s important to highlight accurate attorney marketing keyword phrases as soon as you can in your piece—in the first few lines as well as the headline. That’s because it’s highly unusual to find yourself reading the first piece of content you find in your research from top to bottom.
Writing that emphasizes its most crucial, engaging, or revealing points towards the top of the page draws in both human readers and search engines. 

As human readers, we’ll summarize the content of a piece as well as the value that content might have for us within a few seconds; we aren’t going to keep pushing through a lengthy article that doesn’t seem to have a point.

Robots and spiders indexing for search engines have also been calibrated to search for the most important information about a piece of content at the top.

Make sure your lawyer advertising key phrases are used in the title and first few sentences of the article’s body, but also that they are an organic aspect of a well-written piece. The purpose of getting your optimized keyword phrases indexed and ranked highly by search engines is to engage and hold the interest of human readers, including your potential clients.

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