Getting a Life Beyond Your Law Firm

Even though law might be considered a higher calling then some other professions, it doesn't mean your law practice should be running your life. In my experience, when lawyers let their law firm completely take over every waking minute of their day they are not only missing out on their actual "life", but they can't even give the focus and attention they need to their law firm.

Sleeping with your cell phone next to your pillow and dealing with a never ending stack of files that only seems to grow daily is no way to run a successful and satisfying law firm.

Being the best lawyer you can be comes from balance
. Balance comes from: 

  • taking on the cases you actually want to handle;
  • learning how to best manage your time to work on those cases; and
  • having time for a real life after work.  

If you are married or have a family, or even if you have a hobby you enjoy, there is no reason why you can't balance all the great things that make your life valuable along with running a great law firm.

Part of this balance comes from learning how to say NO to the cases and clients you don't want and marketing your law firm to the clients and cases you do want. Law is commonly referred to as "jealous mistress" who will always demand your full time and attention. To that phrase I have only one basic response, it doesn't have to take over your life if you don't let it.

The strategies outlined in my book, Great Legal Marketing, offer the legal marketing tips and strategies that help you stop thinking like everyone else and help you grow the law practice you actually want! Contact Great Legal Marketing today to learn more about the Ben Glass approach to legal marketing that actually works - (703) 591-9829.

I can you help achieve balance and show you how to get the extra time and money (you would have otherwise spent on ineffective advertising and bad cases) you need to grow your law firm into the thriving, successful practice you've always wanted. 

Learn more about saying No the jealous mistress known as law by visiting my library.

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