Getting Over the Fear of Passing Up Small Cases

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people every day looking for a lawyer. Guess what; you're not getting all of them as a client. Should you panic? Of course not. If there weren't millions of cases being generated every day, we wouldn't have millions of lawyers in practice.

You have every right to pass on a case
. Maybe it's not in your practice area, or it's too small of a return, or you don't think it's a case at all, whatever the reason; if a case looks like it'll be more time and effort than the return you'll get on it, pass.

Don't be afraid that if you pass on their case now, you'll never get that client in the future. If you run a good follow-up marketing campaign, you can stay on their radar for when they have a case you do want.

Culling the case herd that tramples across your desk is also healthy for your practice
. Do you want to handle 100 small $1,000 cases, or one $100,000 big case? Sure you can knock out smaller cases in less surface time, but you'll end up spending more time overall switching your attention from case to case.

Working with a few big cases will free up your time for more fun things, like your family and having an actual life. No one becomes a lawyer to spend their lives in the office.

When you read testimonials on lawyer websites you don't see things like "This Law Firm settled my dog attack case and covered my $200 X-ray bill, thanks!" Lawyers want to showcase their big achievements because that's the kind of case they want to attract.

Becoming the big case lawyer will not only make your work life easier, but also bring you the ideal clients you want keeping that life afloat.

There's a lot more to this legal marketing process than what I've covered here. For the whole scoop plus tips on how to get those media channels working for you in your lawyer marketing campaign, request a FREE copy of my marketing report and CD. Contact Great Legal Marketing today at 703-591-9829.

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