Getting Published Isn’t as Hard as You Think

I'm going to tell you about a friend of mine, Tom Costello, who is the publisher and editor at Word Association. They're a one-stop shop for editing, proofing, consulting, ghostwriting, formatting, design, credentials, printing, marketing, and distribution of your legal books. In short: Word Association does everything.

If you've written your content, Word Association will read through it, edit if requested, and send a publishing proposal with all the services they can offer. You can choose as many or as few of the options as you want, and they'll work with existing content or develop new content with you from scratch.

They offer both hardcover and paperback (they suggest paperback) and most importantly handle the ISBN and Library of Congress identification numbers (LoC only for books longer than 42 pages). These numbers allow your books to be sold by stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, should you choose to distribute nationally.

Companies like Word Association make it simple for anyone willing to put the effort into their legal marketing and image to publish a quality legal book. It's going to cost a few thousand to get a good run of books published, but it's well worth it when your book is in the hands of your next big case client.

To get your legal book published you first need to write it! Learn more about the importance of legal books to your reputation and legal marketing plan in my article.  

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