Now that you’re delving into the world of TV adverting for your legal business, you want to make sure you get a good return on your investment. These ads are often expensive, so you need to get the most out of every second of airtime to make TV ads a workable method for your bankruptcy law firm marketing.

TV ads place an immense amount of pressure on the advertiser: you must grab your viewer’s attention, hold it, transmit an effective and caring message, and appeal to the customer to contact you—all in just a handful of seconds. Can it really be done?

Of course, but that isn’t the point. The bottom line is that your TV campaign will succeed or fail based on its ability to:

  • Get cases. Your primary goal is to attract those who are actively seeking an attorney because they currently have a case.
  • Build the herd. Your secondary goal is to collect names and contact information from everyone who calls or requests information, so that you can add them to your marketing database.

Marketing is not a catch-and-release game; everyone you make contact with should be retained for future business opportunities. Too many lawyers make the mistake of dismissing customers who do not fit their current needs, rather than staying in contact with a monthly marketing system.

If done correctly, your TV marketing should follow the same model as all of your other marketing efforts: appeal to people who need you now, and attract people who will need you later. This way, every incoming call should benefit the business and provide a net gain on your investment.

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Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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