Getting the Office in on the Legal Marketing Fun

While, yes, some parts of legal marketing-like mailing out the physical copies of your consumer guides and newsletters-can be boring, there are other fun strategies that you can get the whole office involved with. You need to make sure that all of your office staff is aware of your legal marketing plans and how to best promote your law firm with their own jobs.

One of the most amusing legal marketing events that the whole office can participate in is when you promote at community events. Parades and business tables are great places not only to market your legal services but also to connect your office with the community.

Invite your office staff to participate in these events and bring the family. It's less like work and more like fun when you're doing your legal marketing at a carnival or picnic. This also shows your office staff that they're just as important as you are in being the public image of your law firm.

When producing your monthly newsletter don't forget that a bit of fun office news is great to lighten things up. Ask around if there's anyone with a newsworthy story, like a new baby, wedding, or special event in their lives. An employee spotlight can be a fun and interesting feature to include and helps show appreciation of your office staff.

Remember that a happy staff is the key to a functioning, presentable law firm. By showing your staff you value their input and help in your legal marketing and the business side of the law firm, they'll help make your job of keeping things running much easier. Cultivating the right office staff is essential to your legal marketing, especially if you want to help take some of the stress out of trying new venues. 

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