Here's an experiment you may want to try sometime: type Cincinnati personal injury lawyer (no quotes) into Google, and count the number of results. Cincinnati is a medium-sized city, right? There are only so many personal injury lawyers, right? Well, you'll be shocked to learn that Google calls up over 800,000 results. Granted, the vast majority of these aren't actual law firm listings, but articles that happen to contain the words “Cincinnati,” “personal,” “injury,” and “lawyer.” Even still, you have to scroll a long way down the results, to the 20th or 30th page, before you stop seeing law firms and start seeing random, unhelpful articles.

The fact is, if your law firm isn't on the first page of Google results for your primary search term, you may as well be invisible.

An individual searching for a personal injury lawyer in Cincinnati is unlikely to click through to even the second page of results; after all, people in dire need of representation don't have the time or inclination to click idly through Google until they find the “just right” URL. More likely, if this prospective client doesn't see what he wants on the first page, he'll alter his search term or use another search engine like Bing or Yahoo, rather than clicking on the #15 firm in his search results.

What does this mean for your law practice? It means that, if you want first-page placement on Google, you need to play to win, by implementing a comprehensive search-engine optimization strategy for your attorney marketing. It won't be cheap, and it won't be easy, but it will improve your firm's visibility immeasurably.

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