Grabbing Attention with Fear

Your clients may have many fears if they're seeking legal services. As a personal injury attorney the most common ones are how my clients are going to pay their medical bills, provide for their family while they're out of work, and so on. Another big concern I see is how to determine who's at fault for their injuries, because if it's them, they don't have a case.

Anyway, my clients have a lot of fears to deal with, and I hate seeing anyone in distress, so I offer them a lot of free advice. Through my website articles, eZine contributions, blogs, and free eBooks I offer a ton of general advice on common personal injury topics, and my clients love me for it. The trick is to catch their attention by getting into their head and identifying their current fears.

Once you know what they've got on their mind, you need to be diligent in offering them your legal services for those fears. Don't just grab their attention by saying "hey, I know this concerns you" and then leave them hanging, offer that free advice. Show them you know your stuff, and you're willing to help by offering your legal services. Clients that see you know what they're going through and are confident in answering their needs will have much more faith in your legal prowess and integrity.

When you target your clients' needs through your legal marketing you're showing them that you have experience with cases similar to theirs. Experience is important when establishing trust with your clients and by associating with their fears you can show you've seen cases like theirs before and can help with your legal services. 

Boosting Your Legal Marketing Strategy

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